Collecting Old Maps ~ Reviews

"In this 2015 second, revised and expanded edition, the new authors who purchased the rights to the publication, have taken every aspect of the development of the hobby into account and have produced a stupendous and worthwhile - effectively new - book. The voluminous tome (240mm x 250mm x 34mm, weighing a hefty 2 kilos) is a combined coffee-table book and a work of reference that will appeal as much to the casual book lover as it will to a student of maps and cartography, seeking further knowledge. It has all the elements of an aesthetically appealing work of literature, with excellent and plush illustrations, a comfortable and well balanced font and, maybe most importantly, an easy to follow and attractive layout. Academically it is equally versatile, with detailed and accurate information in a readily legible text, an extensive bibliography and a comprehensive content which covers every conceivable aspect of the hobby ... The book comes very highly recommended to all, from neophyte to expert."
Yasha Beresiner, IMCoS Journal, Summer 2015,

"It is reasonable to ask, if COM1 (Collecting Old Map, 1st edition) was so wonderful, whether the community even needs COM2. Yes, we do. The antiquarian map scene has changed incredibly in the intervening 17 years, exploding from the musty back room into a much more public venture ... Collectors themselves are much more knowledgeable. They require more information than COM1 provided, and their tastes are more sophisticated. If anything, it was past time for COM2 to appear."

"The first thing that strikes the reader about the new edition is that this is a physically attractive book. The entire work is in color; there are a few maps where that means black and white. It is a larger book, only an inch wider and 40 pages thicker, but its more robust cover and heavier paper create an impression of a more substantial work. It speaks with physical authority. Such authority would quickly look foolish if the contents failed to deliver; happily, this is not the case."

"Bottom line: ... this is a very good book, and I have enjoyed the time I have spent with it for this review. It is also a great bargain. In today’s dollars, COM1’s original price would be $94.20. You can get COM2 with a lot more content for $75. It’s rare that you can get a book this fine with a $20 savings built in. I suggest that you do."
Bert Johnson, The Portolan - Washington Map Society March 2015

“I received the new edition of Collecting Old Maps in yesterday’s mail and looked it over today.  It’s a beautiful production of which you can be proud.  The text is well written and reads smoothly – I don’t know which parts are from the first edition and which are new, but it all melds together seamlessly.  The map reproductions are high quality – I was even able to read some of the tiny print on the maps with the help of a magnifying glass.  The information provided in the new book should be very helpful to map and atlas collectors everywhere.  I hope that the book sells well – it deserves to be seen by anyone who is interested in cartography.”  SRL  March 2015

Praise for the 1st edition

Professional reviewers:

“This work is a must buy book for map dealers as well as map enthusiasts.”
Harry L. Stern, Antiquarian Booksellers of America

“Perhaps the greatest tribute to a book came from the member who credited Manasek’s Collecting Old Maps with having launched him as a collector and later as a dealer - quite an achievement indeed.”
Bert Johnson, The Portolan - Washington Map Society

Reader reviews:

“A book of substance. ‘Collecting Old Maps’ really deals with the subject and is not a watered-down survey of old maps someone thinks we should collect.”

“There is no other book like it and I don’t know where else one can get the information that is in here.”

“I wish this book had been available years ago when I started my collection ... after reading it I have new insights into my collection.”

“If I could have just one book on map collecting this would be it. The book is an enjoyable read, and written in a crystal clear fashion. It contains much essential information for collectors: map terminology, printing methods, translation of common phrases into English, how to judge condition, and blunt advice on the workings of the marketplace.”

“This is truly an outstanding book. It is exceptionally well-written and the number of illustrations is exceptional.”

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